HOBBYWING Authorized dealer - CANADA

How do I know whether my HOBBYWING product is genuine & protected under warranty service?

Dear friends,

We value our customers by providing the best before and after sale experience. Despite our efforts in offering the best service, support and warranty there are unauthorized sale channels offering quick sales with unsatisfactory customer support. HOBBYWING continues to work with, and ensure that our authorized dealers offer the highest standard in after sale support and service.  Purchases from unauthorized channels will void the manufacturer warranty in North America; a repair fee will be charged in addition to shipping cost. 

All products distributed via authorized channels have the official product label shown below.

For more information about our dealer program, please visit here



Shop Name email Address Website Aircraft Boat Car 
Galaxy Hobby & Gift
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Hobby Hobby contact locally
Leading Edge Hobbies
Lou's Speedway  
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