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UBEC 10A Instruction Manual



The UBEC is an external switching mode DC-DC regulator; it draws the DC voltage from 2-6S Lipo battery, drops it to a voltage level that is suitable for receivers and other electronic devices, and keep providing the stable current output of up to 10 Amp. As the UBEC has such a powerful output capability, so it is particularly applicable for large helicopters and fixed-wing aircrafts.


Change the Output Voltage

There are 3 dip switches on the UBEC. User can change the output voltage in the following way. Set to 5.0V: Dip switch #1 = Off, #2 = Off, #3 = Off. Set to 6.0V: Dip switch #1 = Off, #2 = Off, #3 = On. Set to 7.4V: Set to 8.4V: Note: Face to the front panel of the UBEC, from left to right, the dip switches are #1, #2, #3

1. When the ESC has no built-in BEC,

There is no need to make any change to the brushless ESC. user only needs to connect the input end of the UBEC to the battery wires in parallel and plugs the output end (of the UBEC) into any unoccupied channel on the receiver. 

 2. When the ESC has a built-in BEC

Users need to disconnect the built-in BEC output on the brushless ESC; disconnect the red wire in the ESC control cable ( refer to the diagram below), then connect the input end of the UBEC to the battery wires in parallel, and plug the output end (of the UBEC) into any unoccupied channel of the receiver last. 


You can use a sharp screwdriver to take the red pin wire out from the control cable plug (JR male connector) of the ESC, and then insulate it with a bit of electrical tape for further use. By this method, you needn’t cut the red wire in the control cable.


 Explanation for the Status LED
Red LED lights up when UBEC is connected to the battery indicating the UBEC outputs voltage normally. if the LED does not come on indicating the UBEC doesn't output any voltage: in this case, please check if all the input wires are well connected and the condition of the battery pack.