Unauthorized Sales Channels (Marketplace) and Unauthorized store list.

HOBBYWING Authorized Sales Channels in North America

  • Local HOBBYWING authorized store. 
  • World-Wide-Web domain under an authorized business approved by HOBBYWING North America wholesale direct network. ex.,

Any other form of marketplaces are considered HOBBYWING "Unrecognized" sales channels.  - Products is considered gray products (void warranty term immediately). The seller is responsible to provide after care service regardless of cause of the damage including a product return. 

  • / 
  • / / AliExpress

HOBBYWING Authorized stores

  • North America customers now have access to over 1500+ authorized stores. Rather identify which store is authorized, we can simply check a product label placed on a packaging box.  It is a different from anti-counterfeit-seal. 

HOBBYWING Unauthorized stores / Business in North America domain

  • Stores located outside of North America address.  "US warehouse address does not count". 
  • A store found in 'unauthorized sales channels. ex. eBay

Following stores are especially listed to protect loyal hobby shops and customers.  The stores below have received multiple warnings of MAP violations and / or Trademark infringement in North America domain.

        • Xiangtat | Lotus Mall
        • PcTech or PcTech-US
        • Sky RC Hobbies
        • Fun hobby 
        • Goldwing | Goldwing USA
        • Liquid RC
        • Dealextreme4u
        • Direct Prime
        • Auer Ace Hobbies / Auerace4j3x
        • HappyCow at Amazon 
        • Chief Aircraft
        • ClubRC
        • Spark Deals
        • La folie du rc
        • ATEES Hobbies
        • Hobby King

Any questions about HOBBYWING unauthorized store in North America boundary, please contact