Hobbywing Technology

Cooling Fan 2510 Series


Fan Type: MP2510SH-6V-0.17A-BLACK (Ezrun MAX10, MAX10-SCT, QUICRUN-1080, 1s HD)
High Performance Cooling Fan for ESCs
  • AXE R2 ESC
  • Xerun Stock Spec / 1s HD
  • XERUN-120A V2.1 SD /Xerun 90A & 60A
  • Ezrun WP 60A, 80A, Ezrun 60A
  • Justock & Xtreme
  • EZRUN MAX10 & MAX10-SCT 
  • QUICRUN 1080 / 1080 G2

Use instructions:
Please choose the correct cooling fans for different applications. 
        For 4-6 cell NiMH or 2S LiPo: No need to change the 5V cooling fan on the ESC
        For 7-9 cell NiMH or 3S LiPo: Please choose a 12V cooling fan or supply the 5V fan from the receiver (+6V)
        For 10-12 cell NiMH or 4S LiPo: Please choose a 12V cooling fan, and cut the output of the built-in BEC. Then supply the receiver with a UBEC (An additional external DC-DC regulator)

Size:   5V: 24.5mm (L) * 24.5mm (W) * 10mm (H)
Weight: 7.2g 

High-Performance Cooling Fans for HOBBYWING ESCs come in various sizes and power voltages. Each unit is checked and approved via ISO 9001 Quality Control procedure.

ESC Model p/n Input  Feature

2510BH-6V-0.27A-BLACK-B (30860007)
  • 2510BH-6V-18000RPM@6V-0.27A

Quicrun 10bl120

2510SH-5V-0.13A Black E (30860003)
  • 5V/10000RPM/ Max 7.2V 
  • Copper bush/non-waterproof
  • wire length=30MM

Justock G3


2510SH-5V Black B
4-5cells NiMh/NiCd or 
2 cells LiPo 
  • 5V/10000RPM/ Max 7.2V 
  • Copper bush/non-waterproof
  • plug: ZH-2Ymale, wire length=30MM

Ezrun 60A



MP2510SH-12V Black A
7-12 cell NiMh/NiCd

or 3 cell LiPo

  • 12V/14000RPM
  • Copper bush/splashproof
  • plug: ZH-2Y male, wire length=30MM

Ezrun WP 60A SL

Ezrun WP 80A SL

MP2510SH-5V Black A
4-5 cell NiMh/NiCd or 
2 cell LiPo 
  • 5V/10000RPM/ Max 7.2V 
  • Copper bush/Splashproof
  • plug: ZH-3Y male, wire length=35MM

Ezrun MAX10

Ezrun MAX10 SCT

1080 WP

MP2510SH-6V-0.17A-BLACK (30860005)

  • 6V/12000RPM
  • plug: JR-3P Male