EZRUN 3652 SD G3 Motor


Kv (flow factor): 3300KV

MAP $65.99 | MSRP $93.00

IP64 waterproof, Sensored brushless motor for 1/10 Short Course Truck/Truggy/Monster

What is the box? 
  • (1) Ezrun 3652 G3 Motor
  • (1)  User's manual 
  • (1)  A HOBBYWING decal 
  • The EzRun 3652/3665 SD G3 features an improved water- proof sensored cable interface and an upgraded sensored mode to achieve motor temperature protection and perfectly matches the EzRun MAX10 G2 ESC.
  • The high-precision Hall sensor components ensures that the rotor position output is always accurate and consistent, achieving excellent linearity and a great throttle control.
  • The EzRun 3652 G3 motor adopts a high precision bearing that is waterproof in the front end of the motor. The rear end of the motor uses precision iron cover with a smaller structure to improve the capacity, and at the same time, provides a higher bearing speed while keeping resistance low. The operation is smoother and more reliable.
  • Compared to the G2 motor, the motor temperature is greatly reduced under the same load conditions. The overall efficiency is 3% more effective while the maximum output power has increased by 5%
  • All the materials used on the EZRUN 3652/3665 G3 motor (Motor casing, bearings, ultra-thin silicon steel sheets, high temperature-resistance copper wire, explosion-proof rotor, and high-tolerance alloy shaft) are carefully selected and approved by our in-house engineers. Hobbywing is serious about providing users with extraordinary performance for a long period of time.
  • The motor adopts a modular detachable structure design for easy disassembly and daily maintenance. This helps to prolong the lifespan of the motor and maintain- ing efficiency of the motor simply.
  • The IP-67 waterproof system guarantees excellent waterproofing and dustproofing protection. The whole power system is able to drive on a variety of surfaces including mud, sand, ice, snow, and water without damaging the power unit.

EZRUN 3652 SD Brushless G3 Motor 

Ezrun Series 3652 SD G3 3652  SD G3 3652  SD G3
KV 3300KV 4100KV 5400KV
P/n 30402603 30402605 30402606
LiPo 2-3S 2-3S

R. (Ω)
0.00696Ω 0.00696Ω
3.9A 5.0A 6.8A
Timing (deg.) 0 0 0
Pole 4 4 4
Weight (g) 227.1g 227.9g 227.9g
  • Bearing size: Front: D13*D5*T4 / Rear: D11*D5*T5
  • Motor diameter & Length (mm): Φ=37 / L=53
  • Shaft Diameter & Length (mm): Φ=3.17 / L=15
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     User's Manual

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