Pinion Gears for Motor


Title: 13T-M1

MAP $6.99 | MSRP $9.00


Genuine Quality
Chromium Steel Pinions For 1/8 Brushless Motor
  You can get the power you want for your vehicle through changing pinion gear. With the same external gear, you can change your pinion gear (within allowable range) to get different torque and speed. (The lower the T count, the bigger the torque; the higher the T count, the faster the speed.)
1 Specifications
  • All pinions are made from chromium steel with a surface hardness of 48-53 HRC making them very strong and giving them a long life. 
  • Shaft Diameter = 5mm

2. Main Application:
For The popular 1/8 monster such as E-MAXX, E-REVO, SUMMIT, E-SAVAGE,etc.
Modulus | 32 Pitch (M0.8)
86040060    13T
86040070    15T
86040000    17T
86040010    19T
86040050    21T

For The Popular 1/8 off-road buggy and truggy or 
  • 1/8 nitro-powered off-road truggy/buggy converted to electric-power.
  • Nitro-powered monster converted to electric-power.
  • Various electric-powered monster (such as SAVAGE FLUX).
Modulus |  M1       
86040020    11T
86040030    13T
86040040    15T


For The popular 1/10th SCT/Truck/Monster Truck (i.e. TRAXXAS 1/10 SLASH 2WD)

Spec: 5mm Bore Diameter/0.53mm Modulus/40CR Steel Pinion
30820201    21T
30820202   23T
30820203   25T