QUICRUN 10BL120 Sensored G2 COMBO


Your choice: ESC + 3650 SL 10.5T G2

Very Popular - 1/10th, SENSORED brushless combo

What is included in this combo?

  • (1) QUICRUN WP 10BL120 SD G2 ESC (Sensored)
  • (1) QUICRUN 3650 SD G2 brushless motor w/ your choice of Turn
  • HOBBYWING decals
  • Accessories

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Warning: Please carefully check power devices and manual of car frame to ensure the power pairing is reasonable. Avoid wrong pairing to overload and damage the motor. Always wire up all the parts of the equipment carefully. If any of the connections come loose as a result of vibration, your model RC may lose control. • Never apply full throttle if the pinion is not installed. Due to the extremely high RPMs without load, the motor may get damaged. Never allow the motor case to get 100 degrees Celsius (212 degrees Fahrenheit) because the magnets maybe demagnetized by high temperature.


     QUICRUN 10BL120 SD G2 ESC

     QUICRUN 3650 SD brushless motor