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Replacement Parts and Accessories


Part: Motor Wires- (3) 200mm/12AWG

Replacement Parts and Accessories

 Description  SKU
Universal W/P Rubber Signal Cover HW30009
XERUN XR8 Plus Replacement Fan Cover includes 4 screws  HW30004
QUICRUN Fusion Power Switch replacement Kit HW30005
UniversalRubber Replacement Power Button
XR10 Stock Spec 2sReplacement Casing Kit (1)Top Case (1)Bottom Case (4)Screws HW30075
XR10 Stock Spec 1s Replacement Casing Kit (1)Top Case (1)Bottom Case (4)Screws HW30050
XR8 SCT Replacement Casing Kit: (1) Top (1) Bottom (4) screws and (1)Thermal Adhesive HW30079
XR8 Plus Replacement Casing Kit: (1) Top (1) Bottom (4) screws and (1)Thermal Adhesive HW30080
Xerun V10 Motor Casing Screws (includes 3 screws) HW30010
Motor Wire Replacement Kit (3) 200mm/ 12AWG BLK wires HW30001
Motor Wire Replacement Kit (3) 200mm/ 13AWG BLK wires HW30015
Ezrun Temp Sensor Connection HW30003
XERUN-3660SD-G2-Rotor-D5 HW30090
XERUN 4268SD-1900KV-Rotor-G3-D5 HW30091
XERUN 4268SD-2000KV-Rotor-G3-D5 HW30092
XERUN 4268SD-2200KV-Rotor-G3-D5 HW30093
XERUN 4268SD-2800KV-Rotor-G3-D5 HW30094
XERUN 4274SD-2250KV-Rotor-G3-D6 HW30095
EZRUN-3660SL-Rotor-G2-D5 HW30096
EZRUN-3652SL-Rotor-G2-D3.175 HW30099
EZRUN-4268SL-Rotor-D5.0 HW30097
EZRUN-4274SL-Rotor-D5.0 HW30098

XRotor FPV
XRotor Signal Cable Kit (F4/G3/FC + 60A ESC) HW30002
XRotor F7 Signal Cable Kit (DJI/40A/60A/VTX/Power/4soft-mounts) HW30016