HOBBYWING Straw Hat Classic


The HOBBYWING Straw Hat Classic is the epitome of fashion tailored for adventure sports enthusiasts seeking both performance and comfort. Our straw hats provide reliable protection, allowing you to enjoy the great outdoors in style, making them perfect for rock crawlers

Classic Style: The Crawler Hat features a woven straw construction, complete with a wide brim, a lined headband, and an adjustable chin strap.

Comfortable Fit: The Crawler hat offers an effortless pull-on design for convenience. It comes in one size and provides a personalized fit with its adjustable drawcord chin strap, featuring a convenient toggle. The lined headband ensures comfort throughout wear.

Care Guidelines: The Crawler hat is expertly crafted from 100% raffia straw fiber. To maintain its integrity, avoid submerging it in water and store it in a way that preserves the hat's crown.