HOBBYWING Brushless Technology

XR10 PRO ESC (2S) - Legacy Edition


HOBBYWING Care Shield Plan: Opt-Out (No Shield plan)

★★★ | Legacy Edition

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    What's in the box?

    • XR10 PRO ESC w/ a cooling fan
    • (2) Input wires 12AWG-200mm 
    • (3) Output wires 12AWG-200mm
    • (2) x cooling fan (comes with one back-up fan)
    • Dual capacitors
    • Decals
    • Bonus parts: heat tubes, double tape, nylon cable zap traps
    • User's manual
    • Works with 4 pole brushless motor, a full sensor mode when paired with HOBBYWING motor
    • 10 different programmable profiles available through LCD program box or WiFi Express Module 
    • Fully adjustable brake and throttle functions
    • LiPo Low Voltage Cut off 
    • ESC thermal overheat protection
    • Motor thermal overheat protection
    • Remote On/Off feature
    • "1-degree" Precision throttle and brake control
    • Coast Control (patent pending*)
    • Drive Frequency Control 
    • Brake Frequency Control 
    • Boost Timing control and options for Modified racing
    • Turbo Timing control and option for Modified racing
    • Ultra-Low-resistance circuitry
    • ROAR-approved software including Zero-timing
    • Smallest footprint and height possible with current technology to fit within even more tighter space of a vehicle. 
    • 12-gauge high-quality power wires
    • Powerful external capacitor board
    • HOBBYWING Over-The-Air Firmware updateable through WiFi Express module (purchased separately)
    • The most advanced brushless ESC has proven by World Champ.competitions worldwide. 
    ID  XR10 PRO ESC - Legacy
    p/n 30112600
    Type Scale: 1/10th
    Brushless Sensored ESC
    Cont./Peak Current 160A/1200A
    Power input 2-3S LiPo/4-9 Cell NiMH
    BEC output 6V/7.4V Switchable, Continuous Current of 4A (Switch-mode)
    Wire input Black-12AWG-200mm*2
    Wire output Black-12AWG-200mm*3
    Size 37.5x30.9x31.6mm (w/Fan & Fan Shroud)
    Weight 95g (w/ Wires)
    Cooling Fan
    Voltage Range
    Powered by the stable BEC voltage of 6V/7.2V

    ROAR approved
    1/10th Touring Car & Buggy & Drift Car & F1; 1/8th,1/10th Rock Crawler


      Brushless sensored motor - Xerun V10 brushless motor 
      KV Rating/T Count: 

      • 2S LiPo/6S NiMH: (Touring Car) T≥3.5T, (Buggy) T≥4.5T. 

      The warranty covers all failures that result from material or workmanship defects. It does not cover misuse, abuse, intentional or otherwise.

      The warranty applies to customers who purchased through North America authorized stores. Any purchases made from Hong Kong, China, eBay deems non-warranty with no exception

      Combo Available
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      Parameter setting

      World leading Racers's ESC setup sheet ( generated from WiFi Express Module)

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