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IMPORTANT: To ensure your safety in the North American region, please proceed with your order first. Afterward, submit the Product Release Form.Your order will not be shipped without the completed release form.

If the ESC comes with CAN functions, CAN digital throttle may need to be adapted and configured specifically by the flight controller and the Hobbywing CAN protocol. In this case, you need to obtain the agreement from HOBBYWING, flight control manufacturer and/or any other agencies necessary.

 Model XRotor Pro-H60A-6S-BLDC-RTF-HW-V2
Continuous Current 40A
Specification  60A
BEC None
Voltage 4-6S
Weight 53g
Size 71 x 32.2 x 16.2 (mm)
Parameter Adjustment The factory default settings provide intelligent, adjustable timing for most applications.

  • Multi-rotor dedicated core program, the throttle response speed is greatly improved.
  • A built-in memory chip that records the ESC running data in real time and provides the black box function.
  • This ESC is equipped with nano-coating technology with a protection level of IP55, and IP67 can be customized.
  •  The microprocessor is powered by an independent voltage regulator IC, which has better anti-interference ability and greatly reduces the possibility of control loss.
  • Uses shielded wires to improve anti-interference, shield external and self-interference, and improves signal quality.
  • BLDC square wave drive technology, has good compativility with a variety of motors.
  • Using CAN communication, the input and output throttle, motor speed, bus current, bus voltage, capacitor temperature, MOS temperature, ESC status and other data can be monitored in real time. The communication protocol can be obtained by contacting HOBBYWING.
  • The factory default settings can meet the requirements of most applications with automatically adjustable timing, and is highly intelligent.
  • Compatible with various flight controllers and throttle signals with a refresh rate of 50~500Hz
  • Using DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) drive technology, it has better throttle linearity and higher drive efficiency.
  • You can use DataLink (optional) to upgrade the ESC program. For details, refer to the Datalink instruction manual or contact the manufacturer.
  • Support flight controller upgrade ESC firmware. (Requires the use of flight controller)
  • Throttle pulse width 1100-1940μs, solidified pulse width, not calibrated.