How HOBBYWING Team in North America responding to COVID-19

on March 19, 2020

How HOBBYWING Team in North America responding to COVID-19

We would like to thank you for choosing HOBBYWING products.

Our highest priority is to do our part to help ensure the health and safety of our employees, customers, and suppliers while meeting our service commitments

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Announcement: AXE Owners using the HW Link App on Android 10. 

on January 22, 2020

There have been reports of the most recent Android OS update making the AXE and the HWLink not work together.  We offer a minor fix that may address Android 10 topics, however, it may not "Fix" the Android 11 topics that have been reported. 

This BETA App is available by email HOBBYWING North America Directly, you will receive a link that will allow you to directly download the BETA version of the App.  

If you have not updated your Android OS beyond 9, you do NOT need this Beta Version.  Only Android 10, and 11 have issues, this has not been confirmed to resolve all Android 11 issues.  We will keep you posted.  Check out our  for the faster response. 


Title: BETA App request for Android 10



HOBBYWING's Golden System

on December 16, 2019

HOBBYWNG's Golden System 

In your Wildest Hobbyist Dreams you can not imagine the

Awesome PRIZE that awaits YOU!

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Alert: Email Spoofing/ Scam Using HOBBYWING Name

By HOBBYWING North America
on August 27, 2019
Dear Valued Customers,

This is an important notice from HOBBYWING.
Please review completely. 

We have been notified that HOBBYWING North America customers have been receiving "Fake" emails from a "" email.

#1 - None of the office staff at HOBBYWING, use the email domain If you receive any emails from please be advised, those are NOT staff members of HOBBYWING.  We do have our official "website", but we do not use that domain for ANY of our official emails.

All official emails from HOBBYWING staff will come from domain

#2 - Fake Emails/Scam - We have been notified of some "Spoofed" or "Spam" emails stating they are from HOBBYWING, and looking for payment.  They use various sales-looking emails with the domain Do not reply to or interact with these scammers, and simply delete their emails. 

The official office contact to the office managers and lead staff here at our HOBBYWING NA offices is "". If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us using the official office email "".


HOBBYWING North America

New product: XR10 PRO ESC - G2

By HOBBYWING North America
on June 11, 2019

Generation 2

Available through HOBBYWING Authorized stores