Building a Stronger Team

on July 28, 2021
HOBBYWING North America would like to share with you that Ron Schuur is no longer the Team Manager. We want to wish Ron well wishes for his future endeavors. Rest assure all of our Team Drives will be taken care of in a smooth transition. We are looking forward to working with each of you and building a stronger team.

Ultimate RC - Mars Ingenuity

on February 24, 2021

Our hobby activities do not stay here. If you can work as hobby, what else you need?   Work does not have to be painful experience. You can learn and make the great result while having fun!  

Mar's Ingenuity's mission: 

A technology demonstration to test the first powered flight on Mars. The helicopter rode to Mars attached to the belly of the Perseverance rover.

Solar powered (staged charging), automated flight control integrated with highly customized ESC and brushless motors. Be sure to pay attention to the design of props. They are not the usual props you see on earth, folks. :)  How will she respond to unknown environment w/ less dense atmosphere with low gravity?   Very exciting to find out!. 

#Ingunity #NerdTheNewCool #MARS #Hobbywing 

News: Happy Independence Day Weekend

on July 02, 2020

Hi everyone,

Observing the 4th of July, our office will be closed on Friday July 3rd.  Let's celebrate the holidays with family and friends




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News: Job Opening - Customer Support Liaison

on June 24, 2020
Do you love the R/C hobby and want to help your fellow R/C hobby Nerds enjoy all the fun they can?  Do you like figuring out a problem, and how to fix it? Hobbywing has an amazing opportunity for you. Get paid, get free Hobbywing stuff, and be a hobby hero to many fellow R/C enthusiasts.  That's right we are looking for a new member to join the Hobbywing team. 

Hobbywing is looking for a part-time Customer Support member that is able to work with end-users via Email and Phone.  
- Duties include product recommendations for various popular R/C vehicles, basic troubleshooting, setup advice, as well as general Hobby mechanics.  Customer Support members receive full access to the Hobbywing product line up, as well as competitive wages. Passion for the hobby, as well as enjoying sharing your experience is extremely important.
Hobbywing North America is based in sunny Southern California, however, this position is available to anyone nationwide as a work from home opportunity. Turn your hobby bench into your support office. We are looking for a helpful, friendly, and knowledgeable R/C enthusiast to assist customers Via Online Chat, Email, and phone support. 
  • Support hours Monday - Friday, from 1 PM - 5 PM PST. 
  • Daily calls range from as few as a couple, to 10 or more during busy times. 
  • email and online chat support can vary as well, but generally less volume than the calls during that time of the day. 
Please send us your Resume' and include your RC experience and how you feel you are able to help people with their R/C questions.  
  • Must have a general knowledge of how an RC care operates and basic troubleshooting.
  • Must be able to communicate clearly, and rapidly via email. 
  • Must have knowledge of the Hobbywing product line, features and basic application ranges. 
Title: Customer Support Liaison

Information regarding backorders:

on April 29, 2020
Updated: April 30th 2020
We are living in very difficult times and there are many unknowns.  What we know is that we would like to thank you for your support and loyalty through tough times.  Our customers and employees are like our family.  We are taking steps to support our employees who are working from home at this time, and we are taking precautions to create a safe work environment at our distribution and fulfillment center that remains open.

Information regarding backorders:
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the reduced flight capacity of most shipping carriers recently announced, we were informed there will be a delay as the shipments are waiting in queue for the flight. 
The good news is that we do have an incoming shipment to our warehouse that covers most if not all backorder items. The situations and restrictions on international transport are rapidly changing day by day. We are working closely with our logistic partners to bring in these delayed shipments as quickly as possible.
The additional delay is expected to be 8-10 business days.
This could change depending on how the flight capacity and availability change.  Backordered products are being shipped in the order they are received and as soon as they are available. Some may be shipped separately to expedite the remaining products in your order.  Any delays or changes to your order timing will be communicated via email.
We assure you that we are doing everything we can to expedite your orders.  Your orders are our priority.  We appreciate your patience during this difficult time!  If you have any questions please contact our customer service team below.


Here are some measures we are taking to ensure the safety of our customers and Team Members,

At our factory and distribution center, we are following strict health protocols.  That means:
  • Products are manufactured under a strict dust/germ-free environment with all personnel in protective suits and masks
  • Cleaning common and shared areas regularly
  • Cleaning shelves before they are restocked
  • Encouraging Team Members to closely monitor their health and to remain home if they are feeling ill
We hope you’re staying safe and healthy. Thank you for being a loyal customer and a valued member of our Hobbywing community.
Team Hobbywing