Software Version 3.51

Release notes:
  • This update improves stability and reliability of All HOBBYWING ESC performance*. 
  • Released new firmware "V1.04_150409" for XERUN-150A-V1, "V1.05_150408" forSCT-PRO ESCsignificant improvements are made as shown below:
  • Revised factory default settings and improved energy efficiency and power production
  • Fixed "low-voltage cutoff protection gets activated too early" issue when using a poor quality battery. 
  • Increase run-time and reduce heat gain caused by previous configuration
  • Release new firmware for Ezrun Max ESC series
  • Fixed Data log printing feature (Now you can print out your own ESC data log)

USA server: Right Click Here

Head office server (China): Right Click Here


* All HOBBYWING ESC by means ESC that are upgradable via PC USB Link Software. (Xerun, Platinum, Ezrun Max series)
** You need a LCD Program Box to update the latest USB Link Software