HOBBYWING Brushless Technology

Platinum 120A-HV (Released Sept.2011)

Release Date: Sept 21. 2011
Hobbywing released a new firmware for Platinum-120A-HV PRO

(Hardware version = HW120_V2.0A, firmware verison =  V1.08_101106_U) to make it compatible with Mikado V-Bar governor function.

Sep 21, 2011, Hobbywing released a new firmware named "V1.08_101106_U_A"for Platinum-120A-HV Pro ESC (Hardware version HW120_V2.0A, firmware version V1.08_101106_U) to solve the compatiblity issue with the Mikado V-Bar governor function.  

What is the problem?

Hobbywing released a newPlatinum-120A-HV ESC in July 2011, its hardware version is HW120_V2.0A, and the firmware version is V1.08_101106_U. Compared with the old version, the new ESC has the following improvements:
1.     Quicker response and better driving effect when the motor load has a sudden increment. 
2.     More powerful.
But soon we got some responses that the firmware had compatibility problem with V-Bar (Mikado) governor function, we did some tests immediately and got the following results:
1.     When using the ESC (loaded with the firmware V1.08_101106_U) with some electronic RPM sensors (such as Hyperion EMeter II Phase Tachometer, this tachometer is connected to one phase of the brushless motor wires), the sensor outputs error RPM signal, which makes V-Bar system work abnormally. 
2. When using traditional magneto-electrical tachometer, the V-Bar system still works well.
After doing the above tests, Hobbywing immediately made a new firmware to solve the problem. This new firmware has already been tested by some pilots. It works well with electronic phase sensors. 
1.   Delete the Hobbywing USB Link Program in the PC. 
2.    Download the new USB Link Software from the following hyperlink:
USB Link Software 
3.   Unzip the file and then install the new USB Link Program in the PC. 
4.   Connect the Platinum-120A-HV Pro ESC to the LCD program box, and choose the firmware named” V1.08_101106_U_A” to upgrade the ESC. 
5.     After upgrading, calibrate the throttle range again and set all programmable items as you need. 
6.     Done!
1.   Hobbywing Platinum-70A-HV ESC is already compatible with V-Bar system. No upgrade is necessarty.
2.   Hobbywing FlyFun-100A-HV (also called Fentium-100A-HV) andFlyFun-80A-HV (also called Fentium-80A-HV) ESC are not upgradable, so they are not compatible with V-Bar governor function except using Hobbywing’s own phase sensor.


Hobbywing makes its own RPM sensor in Nov 2011, and this new product is sold as a standard accessary of Platinum-120A-HV, Platinum-70A-HV, FlyFun-100A-HV and FlyFun-80A-HV ESC. The Hobbywing RPM sensor is compatible with any firmware of the above ESC's, that means if you use Hobbywing RPM sensor, the above ESC's are always compitable with V-Bar governor function.