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Brian Bohlman did it again!

The 2012 Spektrum Offroad Championships

The 2012 Spektrum Offroad Championships were held at S&N Trackside in Brookfield Wisconsin Nov1-4. Setting the stage for the largest electric offroad race in the US with over 320 plus entries. The Scotty Ernst and the S&N crew did a great job building a very technical fast flowing track. The traction picked up over practice and by the first round of qualifing for 17.5 stock buggy the track had great bite! 

Brian Bohlman had been testing his Hobbywing Xerun 120A V3 evey practice run and settled in with a good balance of power and drag brake.  Every round of qualifing was very very close.. He had to relax and breath with some great coaching from Kraig Krueger he was very calm.

Round 1 
Finished a very close 4th with one small error. 

Round 2 
it was very tight again finishing 3rd. With each change his Hobbywing V3 was smoother and faster so he knew he was going in the right direction. He made a drag brake change and gearing change for round 3 and set fast lap of the round and finished a super close second! 

Last Round
In the last round of qualifying his Hobbywing V3  was super fast and had great power off every corner with awesome top end on the straight and it pulled him to a win in the final round of qualifing to get the overall TQ. 

He knew his car had the speed to win he just needed clean runs to do it. He knew he had to come fast and clean in A main #1
He got a great start and pulled a straightaway lead early and drove a clean run to win.

A main #2 
He got another great start with two cars right on him with the feild on tow. Every lap his TLR 22 powered by Hobbywing V3!
He started to pull away and won A main #2 to seal the 2012 Spektrum Offroad Championship in Stock buggy!

Thank you for my super fast and ultra smooth Hobbywing V3!!

                            ~ Brian Bohlman, HWNA Driver

HWNA Driver

Brian Bohlman
Nov 2012