last updated April 15th 2013

Hobbywing  performs very strict quality control on every aspect of our products. Especially the connectivity of every ESC and program / box/ USB Software, we check 100% of ESC before ship. If you are having a trouble with ESC which does not seem to be recognized by the software, Please confirm the following. 

1. Please download the latest USB Software >> Down load here

2. Check t & upgrade the correct firmware
(The firmware can be selected once install the software (Window version Only)

For Multiple LCD Professional Program Box users 

a single firmware can be compatible with all speed controllers, including XERUN series V2.0/2.1/3.0/3.1, EZRUN V2.0 and Platinum series.

For 2 in 1 LCD Program Box users
  • "V1.11_120331_V3
  • "V1.08_120504"
Please note that "V1.11_120331_V3" firmware is ONLY available for XERUN-120A-V3 ESC, it is not suitable for any other speed controllers.
For example, if you want to connect the LCD program box to an Xerun SCT-PRO, EZRUN-WP-60A ESC, please confirm the followings:
1. The LCD program box is loaded with "V1.08_120504" firmware instead of "V1.11_120331_V3" firmware.
2. The LCD program box should be connected to the ESC via the small 3 pins port (white color port, between wire #A and wire #B) instead of the Rx wire.  
3. Turn on the ESC AFTER you finish the connection of the ESC and LCD program box.