News: HOBBYWING software update - VBar supporting firmware released

The HOBBYWING Platinum V4 and V4.1 ESCs now fully support the VBar system with the latest firmware updates. This is the biggest change of the new firmware, although more changes are also included in the release.

  • Add new firmware PL-04.1.00-VBar for ESC listed below, Added support for parameter adjustment via Mikado VBar-Control. Optimized Current data, Soft start, and VBar Governor start. fix some bugs.
    • Platinum HV 200A V4.1 SBEC
    • Platinum HV 200A V4.1
    • Platinum HV 150A V5
    • Platinum HV 130A V4 / Platinum HV 130A V4 OPTO
    • Platinum 120A V4
    • Platinum 80A V4
    • Platinum 60A V4
    • Platinum 25A V4

The new firmware includes: 

  • Support of parameter adjustment via Mikado VBar-Control
  • Optimized flight modes: soft start function in "Ext.Gov" (external governor mode) and Throttle response to better match VBar's Governor function.
  • Optimized accuracy of the ESC current draw in the Telemetry data.
  • Optimized slow start algorithm in "Heli ELFGov" (elf speed mode) and "Heli StoGov" (storage speed mode) to make a faster and more linear start.
  • Optimized the "Restart Accelerate time" function so that the blades can spool up faster according to the restart time set in the ESC.
  • The new firmware can be downloaded from Hobbywing's download page.

Download the latest firmware for USB LCD program box >