Re: V-Bar systems
HOBBYWING engineering department had finished conducting the series of tests with Mikado standard V-bar, Mini V-Bar and also Neo-V Bar with HW Platinum V4 series high voltage ESCs (130A-HV, 160A-HV, 200A-HV) and standard voltage ESCs (60A-6S, 120A-6S).
Based on our exhaustive testing result, we found all of our ESC works fine that none of them creates glitches in the RPM signal (no error in the V-bar log file). 
if you experience any error record (glitches) in his V-bar log file, please make sure that your ESC has installed the latest firmware and most importantly check the wiring carefully, the glitches are likely generated from bad connections between the ESC and V-bar device. 

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