Program Card For FLYFUN (V4 or less) & SKYWALKER V1 Series


MAP $8.99 | MSRP $10.00

This program card is used to set the programmable parameters of brushless ESCs. It has a user friendly interface to make setting the programmable parameters very easy. Conveniently pocket-sized so you can easily bring it to the racing or flying field.

This program card is used to program the FLYFUN & SKYWALKER V1 series of brushless airplane ESCs: (FLYFUN was formerly called "Fentium") 

Attention: This program card is NOT suitable for Platinum Series, FLYFUN V5 ESC. Skywalker V2 or later version.

1  Specifications

1.1 Size: 92mm (L) * 52mm (W) * 6mm (H).
1.2 Weight: 26g. 
1.3 Input Voltage: 4.8-6V

(If the ESC does not have a built-in BEC, an additional battery is required to supply the program card)

1)Ensure the RX wire connects the right position (MARK as BEC).
2)Ensure connect the LED Car first, then connect the battery. DO NOT CONNECT BATTERY FIRST. 

2  Programmable Items

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