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EZRUN MAX6 G2 system

  • Features: 

    • It comes with a built-in ultra-powerful switch mode BEC capable of delivering a continuous current of 8A, an instant 25A, and supports 6V/7.4V/8.4V switching, making it compatible with a wide range of powerful and high-voltage servos.
    • This ESC supports turbo timing settings, delivering remarkable timing response when used with matching motors such as the EZRUN 4990SD/5690SD G2.
    • Offers multiple protection functions, including battery low voltage protection, ESC and motor overheat protection, signal loss protection, and current protection.
    • The built-in Bluetooth function, integrated into the switch, allows for easy ESC configuration and upgrades directly through a mobile app, eliminating the need for additional devices and making the process simpler and more convenient.
    • Data logging function that enables users to view various running data on the HW LINK app.
    • Supports firmware upgrades for the ESC, ensuring users can enjoy the latest features and improvements.
    • The ESC features an innovative waterproof sensor interface that enhances overall waterproof and dustproof performance. It can easily handle harsh conditions, including sediment, ice, snow, and water accumulation
Ezrun MAX6 G2 Combo from $239.99 USD $340.00 USD
Ezrun MAX6 G2 ESC (3-8S) from $149.99 USD $212.00 USD
EZRUN MAX 4990 SD G2 motor $104.99 USD $148.00 USD
EZRUN MAX 5690 SD G2 motor $149.99 USD $212.00 USD
EZRUN MAX5 G2 Combo from $339.99 USD $480.00 USD