Hobbywing Technology

HOBBYWING Sintered Rotor

Factory direct sintered upgrade rotor 

The HOBBYWING factory Rotor is available in various size diameter that allows you to fine-tune the power delivery of your HOBBYWING brushless performance motor for varying track conditions and applications.

Tips from Pros
  • smaller diameter = higher RPM, larger diameter = higher torque)
  • Each rotor is laser etched with its specification and part number for easy identification and technical inspection.
  • A rotor packed carefully with protection-form
Upgrade your rotor for more performance
Xerun V10 Motor / V10 Bandit Motor
XR10 Justock Motor (540)
D10 Drift Motor (540)
Rotor for XERUN V10 Motor from $34.99 USD $44.00 USD
XERUN D10 Rotors Drift $39.99 USD $60.00 USD