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XR10 Stock Spec ESC (1S)


HOBBYWING Care Shield Plan: Opt out (No Shield plan)
MAP $124.99 | MSRP $177.00 

1S Zero timing
World's smallest & compact ESC.
'23.5 g'

North America Edition
Dedicated designed for Stock Spec Races

ROAR approved for ROAR SPEC racing!


  • Zero timing firmware for ROAR SPORTMAN races and other fair races.
  • World's Smallest footprint & Lightweight ESC ever.  "23.5g" 
  • Programming/Upgrading/ Data Reading Wirelessly: Integrated Data logger can record the maximum temperature of ESC and motor as well as the maximum RPM. 
  • Built-in boost BEC with a maximum output of 6A and voltage adjustable between 6V and 7.4V for usage with high voltage servos.
  • Separate PRG/FAN port is able to power an external fan for maximize cooling performance or connect a LCD program box or WiFi module to the ESC.
  • With HOBBYWING OTA programmer, users are able to program parameters, upgrade firmware and check relevant data during the event using either the iphone or Android devices.
  • New brakes and throttle functions: 100 levels of brag brake, 50 levels of initial brake force, 9 levels of maximum brake force, 20 levels of brake rate, and 30 levels of throttle rate. • Adjustable brake mode, PWM and brake frequencies and for different competitions and control feel.
  • Adjustable Turbo Timing & Boost Timing for different applications.
  • Multiple protections: low-voltage cutoff protection, ESC and motor thermal protection, and fail safe (throttle signal loss protection).
  • Data logging for recording the maximum ESC/motor temperature, motor speed/RPM, and others in real time.
Note: OTA programmer,(Apple & PC uses) Multifunction LCD Program Box (PC users only) - sold separately
    XR10 Stock Spec 1S ESC Xerun STOCK Spec ESC
      30112751 30112400
    Current Continuous: 80A
    Burst: 380A
    Continuous: 100A
    Burst: 600A
    Battery 3-4S NiMH
    1S LiPo
    4-9 cells NiMH/NiCd
    2-3S* LiPo
    Built-in BEC 6V/7.4V Adjustable,
    Continuous Current of 3A (Switch-mode)
    6V@3A (linear mode)
    Motor Supported Sensored and sensorless brushless motors
    Suitable Motor 3650 Motors
    3650 Motors
    2S LiPo: 1/10 Touring Cars≥4.5T, 1/10th Buggies≥6.5T
    3S LiPo: 1/10 Touring Cars≥6.5T, 1/10th Buggies≥10.5T
    Application STOCK class of 1/12 - /1/10 1/10,1/12 all competitions
    1/10,1/8 rock crawler
    Cooling Fan 5V - 7.4V
    5V - 8.4V
    Wires 14AWG-200mm 12AWG-200mm
    Size 31.6 x 25.8 x 16.2mm 37.5x31.0x32.0mm
    Weight** 23.5g** 32.6g
    * For 7-9 cells NiMH/NiCd or 3S LiPo, the standard cooling fan must be changed to 12V high voltage fan.  ** Weight is w/o wires, cooling fan


    For detail information, please read the user manual.

     User Manual

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     User Manual

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