Low-impedance Capacitor Module (Factory team)

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This capacitor module (/cappack) is for “upgrading” your car ESC. With this cappack, the start-up acceleration of your vehicle will be greatly improved. Besides, the great ripple current endurance significantly reduces the generated interference due to the rapid ON/OFF of the ESC power tube.

PN 86030030 86030000 86040000
Standard 1/10th Upgrade 1/10th Standard 1/8th 

Xerun 120A, V-series
XR10 Series
Ezrun 1/10th
Quicrun 1/10th

Xerun 120A V-series
XR10 Series
Ezrun 1/10th
Quicrun 1/10th
XR8 Series
Ezrun Max Series
Quicrun 08BL150
  • Standard (1/10th) 
  • PN:86030030
  • Capacity: 470µf×2
  • Voltage Endurance: 16V
  • Internal Resistance:0.002Ω
  • Ripple Current Endurance: 24 Amp


★Low impedance, low heat generation, great start-up acceleration. The comparison between HOBBYWING capacitor module and other established brand's capapack.

  HOBBYWING Other brands
Internal Resistance 0.002Ω 0.012Ω
Ripple Current Endurance 24Amp 3.5Amp


With the great ripple current endurance, the interference generating from turning on/off of your ESC power tube is remarkably reduced.
With the small size and light weight, it’s easy to install.

Super low impedance and low heat emission make the start more powerful.
With its excellent "Ripple Current Endurance", the interference caused by the quick switch on/off of the MOSFETs is observably decreased, so the power supply system operates more cleanly, and the whole brushless system is steadier.
 Small size and light weight make the installation more convenient.
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