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XROTOR Pro X-Series

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This product is designed and used for Agricultural application or logistics transportation.

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The COMBO-XRotor Pro-X9 brushless power system is a plant protection power system that adapts to uniaxial 7-9.5kg load. The maximum pulling force of uniaxial is 19.2kg, integrated with a 40mm carbon fiber tube arm. The waterproof grade is IPX7. It is resistant to rainwater, pesticides, salt spray, high temperature, sand and dust, impact, mud, and soil. ESC FOC-motor PMS system has optimized computing, with multiple protection functions such as power-on self-check, power-on voltage abnormal protection, overcurrent protection, lock-up protection and etc. as well as real-time data transmission.

XRotor 2388 Propeller $21.99 USD $39.00 USD
XRotor 3090 Propeller from $32.99 USD $38.00 USD
Data Link V2 $55.99 USD $92.00 USD
One-Piece Brushless Water Pump from $69.99 USD $112.00 USD