4838 Freestyle & Race Prop


Color: Iron Grey
Bright Green
Iron Grey
Set: 5 Sets

Azure Power 3 Blades 4838 Johnny Freestyle & Race  POPO Compatible


Weighing less than other props, the 4838 Freestyle & Race Prop delivers a smooth, ultra-realistic visual experience with accelerated performance. The uniquely redesigned airfoils optimizes lift to provide an excellent freestyle experience. Achieving perfect balance control, the prop enables crisp, motionless footage, allowing for the ultimate cinematic visuals.


  • Amazing durability
  • POPO Compatible

Available Color: Orange/Bright Green/Teal/Iron Grey

With this brand new design, the JohnnyFPV Freestyle props will give you the best in smoothness, acceleration, and like all Azure Power props, amazing durability

Set to be the new Freestyle standard, Azure 4838


Length 4.8"  Pitch= 3.8˚  Hub ID = 5mm

Material & Style
PC HG.(High-grade) Polycarbonate 3.9g

What's in the package?

5 Set(5 x Individual Sets)
10x CCW Propellers, 10x CW Propellers 

10 Set(10 x Individual Sets)
20x CCW Propellers, 20x CW Propellers

30 Set(30 x Individual Sets)
60x CCW Propellers, 60x CW Propellers

60 Set(60 x Individual Sets)
120x CCW Propellers, 120x CW Propellers

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