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XRotor Pro X8 Series - Industrial / commercial use

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XROTOR PRO X8 ESC+Motor+Prop - All in One

X9 Power System Combo X8 Power System Combo
X6 Power System Combo
30410030023 / 30410030024 30414000 / 30414001 30414050 (CW) / 30414051 (CCW)
Max Thrust 19.2kg/Axis (46V, Sea Level ) 15.3kg/Axis (48V, Sea Level ) 12kg/Axis (48V, Sea Level )
Recommended LiPo Battery 12S LiPo 12S LiPo 12S LiPo
Recommended Takeoff Weight 7-9.5kg/Axis (46V, Sea Level ) 5-7kg/Axis(48V,Sea Level) 3-5kg/Axis(48V,Sea Level)
Product Weight (ESC/Motor/Prop) 1400g 1040g 720g
Waterproof Rating
Operating Temperature -20-55℃ -20℃~65℃ -20℃~50℃
Stator size 96*16mm 81*20mm 70mm
KV Rating 110KV 100KV 180KV
O.D of Carbon Fiber Tube φ40 Φ35mm/Φ30mm (*Tube Adapter will be Needed) φ30mm/φ28mm (*Tube Adapter will be Needed)
Bearing Imported Waterproof Bearing NSK Ball Bearing (Waterproof) Imported Bearing
Recommended LiPo Battery 6-12S LiPo 6-12S LiPo 6-12S LiPo
PWM Input Signal Level 3.3V/5V (Compatible ) 3.3V/5V (Compatible ) 3.3v/5v (Compatible )
Throttle Signal Frequency 50-500Hz 50-500Hz 50-500Hz
Operating Pulse Width 1100-1940 μs (Fixed or cannot be Programmed ) 1100-1940 μs (Fixed or cannot be Programmed ) 1100~1940μs (Fixed or cannot be Programmed )
Max. Input Voltage 52.2V 52.2V 52.2V
Max. Input Current (Cont.) 120 A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation ) 80 A(w/ Good Heat Dissipation ) 80 A(w/ Good Heat Dissipation )
Max. Peak Current (10s) 150 A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation ) 100 A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation ) 100 A (w/ Good Heat Dissipation )
BEC No No No
Nozzle Mounting Holes φ28.4mm-2*M3 Φ28.4mm-2*M3 φ28.4mm-2*M3
Diameter×Pitch Not Included
3090 2388
Weight - 180g 91g (w/ Propeller Adapter, Single Blade: 36g)

XRotor 2388 Propeller $21.99 USD $39.00 USD
XRotor 3090 Propeller from $32.99 USD $38.00 USD
Data Link V2 $55.99 USD $92.00 USD
One-Piece Brushless Water Pump from $69.99 USD $112.00 USD