Warranty vs Extended Warranty service?

We offer Warranty as well as Extended Warranty service.  Please explain in your RMA Form Notes, if you want "WARRANTY" service or "EXTENDED WARRANTY" service based on the following information.

For Extended Warranty service, you just want to know your exchange/repair/upgrade options.  We do not offer "Inspection services" for this. Both Warranty and extended warranty service does not include accessory repairs  such as 'replace the wires", fixing a switch, or case replacement.  Items are exchanged, or you are provided a replacement equivalent to the original unit through our North America website.   This is for situations where "Damage is done" and a discounted replacement is being offered. 

For warranty inspection services, you will need your sales receipt as well as being able to explain the troubleshooting and testing you have done.  If you do not have your sales receipt, please explain why you do not and considerations will be made. 

Hobbywing Limited Warranty Inspection period is 90 days from the date of purchase depending on a product line. Warranty is "not automatic" and is only determined after the items are inspected by our technicians.  Hobbywing Manufacture limited warranty covers all damages caused by manufacture defective parts and or workmanship.  more about the warranty terms and conditions, please visit HOBBYWING RMA service & Warranty 

To help your warranty processing please consider the following: We need a basic description of "what the unit is doing wrong", something more than "Does not work right", "Glitches out" or "shuts down".  What happens, color lights, and any other items working or not working during these problems.  Based on your notes, we will go 1 of 2 basic routes, asking you further questions to confirm warranty testing, or we will provide you your Final RMA # as well as your designated service dept Address for your item to be shipped to.  Please note, Warranty does not cover any shipping costs.  Warranty is not for dealers, hobby shops or installers and is an "End User" process.   

What happens once you send it in?  
Your item will be tested for the reported problem and confirmed.  Once testing is completed, you will be emailed directly to complete the warranty processing.  This stage generally takes 24-48 hours during business hours. 

Please see the complete the "RMA FORM" below to begin your service process.  If you have concerns or questions about the process, need to "Clarify" anything, please do so in the NOTES of the Service Request Form


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