HOBBYWING Justock HandOut Spec series


Combo Type: HSP 13.5 Combo

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HOBBYWING Handout Spec program is created to support the #FearRacing act.  manufacture-control, sealed electronics help an organizer to promote a fair racing event.  Eliminate spec inspection. The program is open to any local hobby shop /track owners.  Find out more details at
  • Combo Spec

    HSP Combo type  ESC Justock Handout Motor
    HSP 13.5 Combo Handout ESC 13.5T / 3200kv
    HSP 17.5 Combo Handout ESC 17.5T / 2600kv
    HSP 121.5 Combo Handout ESC 21.5T / 2100kv