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Carter Flotron SPD report

Yesterday was the second race day of the outdoor season, and my first. Ive been dieing to get outdoors just to take advantage of the great weather and our awesome local track. Was great to see Josh Wheeler come out and race with us also!
I only raced ebuggy today as my engine for the nitro car has not come I  yet and I have a few more items to get for it. 
With only an hour of practice on my RC8.2e, I knew I had a little work ahead of me to dial the car in and get on the pace. Luckily I found something that worked pretty decently.
Going into the first round I was pretty comfortable with the car but during my qualifier I just messed up way too often and fell behind. For the second round, I changed back to kyosho blue springs, a lower from upper arm ( the front of my car was rolling too hard), and the center diff went from 7k to 5k to prevent excessive tire spin. This worked very well and the I won that round. I also left this setup the same for the third and again I won the round. I was not able to take tq but would start second. 
During the main, the top four of us got off to a clean start and we broke off from the pack. On we stayed like that for a couple laps then I went a bit wide in one corner and the third place guy went by. I those two had a bit more pace than me and put some distance between us. I decided to push hard to try to take the lead. I was able to overcome second after I figured out one of the track obstacles halfway through the race and was able to almost touch the rear of first places car. Unfortunately about two laps to go my battery started to deplete. It eventually died which prevented me from finishing. 
I will spend a lot more time outsode to get this car to feel comfortable and hopefully that will increase my times just a bit so i can pull off wins every weekend. 
I used my trusty rc8.2e with hobbywing esc and motor, reedy battery , and proline bulldog body and holeshot m3 tires wraed around white pl velocity rims.
-Carter Flotron, SPD