On May 3rd I attended Tina’s Trains and Hobbies for their 1st Annual Trophy Race.

The event drew in 40 entries across 4 classes. This was the first large event for the Tina’s since they have been open. I ran 4wd Buggy, Mod 2wd and Mod Truck. I used the V3.1 Speed control in all three vehicles, In Mod Truck I used V10 8.5T to TQ, Mod Buggy I used the V10 8.5T as well to qualify 5th and in 4wd Buggy I used the V10 5.5 to qualify 2nd. The track is prepped with sugar and traction was high, this allowed me to use the HW horsepower to power my vehicles to 1st in 4wd Buggy, 2nd in Mod Buggy and 2nd in Mod Truck.

Thanks to Hobbywing for the support and great products!


Brian Miskolczi, SPD