Subject: Compatibility Problem of Tenshock Motors with Hobbywing ESC firmware

Dear friends,

Hobbywing released the latest USB Link Software (V3.3) which
contains the latest firmware for car ESC. 

Today we found the latest firmware has compatibility problem with Tenshock 
4 poles and 6 poles motors. The motor and/or the ESC may possibility be 
damaged with the latest firmware. We are currently working for the solutions.

If you use Tenshock 4 poles or 6 poles motor, please DO NOT
update the ESC firmware to the latest version in the USB Link Software 
V3.3.  Until the problem is solved, Hobbywing 4 poles motors are strongly 
recommended to use with the new ESC firmware.

Hobbywing Technology Co., Ltd.
May 22, 2013