Dear friends, HWNA has confirmed the following information with our head office HOBBYWING R&D.

1. The firmware named "V1.01_130515a[/b]_2R" and "V1.00_111207a_2R" are available for XERUN-150A / XERUN-80A / XERUN SCT PRO ESC.

  • "V1.01_130515a_2R" firmware in the USB LINK SOFTWARE V3.3 has compatibility problem withTenshock 4 poles and 6 poles motors. We do NOT recommend to use our ESC with Tenshock motor at this moment.
  • "V1.00_111207a_2R" has compatibility problem with Tenshock 4 poles and 6 poles motors; however, ESC loaded with V1.00_111207a_2R constrainedly works with Tenshock motors.

The latest USB LINK SOFTWARE package to Both HWNA & HW head office website.

  • it contains the "V1.00_111207a_2R" firmware. So users of XERUN-150A / XERUN-80A / XERUN SCT PRO may downgrade their ESCs to this firmware to work with Tenshock motor.

We keep the "V1.01_130515a_2R" firmware in the USB LINK SOFTWARE because it works better for most of other 4 poles motors (especially Hobbywing's own 4 poles sensored motors, XERUN-4068 / XERUN-4274 / XERUN-3656), but Tenshock is an exception.

To download the firmware, please visit here.

Firmware History log can be find here

Thank you,