2013 AKA Mid-American Championship May 24-26 by Scottie, SPD

 2013 AKA Mid-American Championship May 24-26

SPDs are not only great drivers but even better people

After a week & a half that about included 37 hours of driving, spending 2 days in Moore Ok doing relief work with tornado victims 3 trips where we arrived at our destination between 2 and 4 in the morning and little sleep. I was just thankful for being able to be there. Being able to spent time with friends and family was truly a blessing. We pulled in to the hotel parking lot at 4am unloaded got a few hours of sleep then headed to the track. They had received a lot of rain over the past few days so the track was soaked.

Despite all the rain Saturday we stared qualifying around noon, there was no practice that morning. First up 4x4 Sct, after about 2 min most of the trucks were out of the race due to the mud and water. Mine stopped running about 5 min in do to weight from the mud, no one finished the race the track slowly got better but we were the sacrificial lambs lol. Round 2 I lost the power wire fist lap on my 4x4 sct“so 2 dnf” e-buggy was good just trying to learn the track and nitro buggy it started to rain hard in the middle of the race so it was postponed and moved to Sunday. We only got in 1 & a half rounds before the rain started again, round 3 were canceled. Sunday after more rain that night we got started at 10:45. With only a few runs on the track I was able to qualify for the b-main, in e-buggy, Nitro buggy, and 4x4 Sct.

Mains= no bumps for electric classes. First up e-buggy race 8 b-main/qualified 11th it was a good race with 2ndthrough 7th all on the same lap. I worked my way through traffic getting as high as 3rd but ended up 5th. Next up Race 9 4x4sct b-main. Qualified 7th in the b after not finishing any heats, It only took me a few lap to move out front and run there for most of the race. With about 1 min to go my esc shut down for some unknown reason and I ended up 5th.

Race 12 Nitro Buggy B-main Qualified 11thB-Main I had a good race moved to the front a few times but had a few flame outs that took me out of contention. This was without a doubt a humbling week/weekend after taking a truck and trailer full of donations to Moore OK being in the middle of the deviation helping families dig the little remains they had. The fact that I was there being able to loan a motor to a good friend getting his e-buggy running kful for the opportunity to be there, being able to spend time with friends& family is truly a blessing spending time with friends and family was truly a blessing. Then on top of that I got to watch and meet drivers like Mark Pavidis,Ryan Lutz, Jared Tebo who are not only great drivers but even better people. I didn't have any podium pictures so here is a link to my facebook page. I uploaded pictures from my time in Moore OK, and there are also some from this race. 

Thank you again everyone that supports me and my racing, without your help trips like this would not be possible.!/scottie.brewer.7

Thank you,

Scottie Brewer, SPD

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