Announcement: AXE Owners using the HW Link App on Android 10. 

on January 22, 2020

There have been reports of the most recent Android OS update making the AXE and the HWLink not work together.  We offer a minor fix that may address Android 10 topics, however, it may not "Fix" the Android 11 topics that have been reported. 

This BETA App is available by email HOBBYWING North America Directly, you will receive a link that will allow you to directly download the BETA version of the App.  

If you have not updated your Android OS beyond 9, you do NOT need this Beta Version.  Only Android 10, and 11 have issues, this has not been confirmed to resolve all Android 11 issues.  We will keep you posted.  Check out our  for the faster response. 


Title: BETA App request for Android 10



Blog: QuicRun 880 DUAL Brushed ESC EXPLAINED

By HOBBYWING North America
on April 10, 2019

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Blog: IMPORTANT NOTICE: Xrotor 45 Amp 4-1 usage recommendation.

on October 17, 2018
Xrotor 45A 4-1 ESC usage recommendation.
We appreciate the feedback the community has provided regarding the Xrotor 45 amp 4-1 esc. We have been taking note of your emails, service calls, and communication with our team pilots. Thank you.
HOBBYWING engineering and production staff will continue to review the Xrotor 45amp 4-1 as crucial and important part of our drone racing and freestyle line up. Thus far, it appears that failures outside the normal have some basic usage trends that could be related to the precautions mentioned below.
For all applications, please note the following.
1. Power capacitor must be installed. Every Xrotor 45amp 4-1 includes 2 power capacitors. One larger, and one smaller. The larger capacitor should be used for 5s-6s lipo, the smaller capacitor can be installed for 4s-5s lipo directly on the PCB (ESC), not by a power plug. Failure to use the included power capacitors will result in damage to your ESC.
2. BL_Heli_32 ESC settings can cause damage. Default settings should be used.
3. Motor KV ratings and prop size/pitch combinations recommendations.
- 4s Lipo using 5 inch props up to 2700KV
- 5s using 5 inch props, up to 2450 KV
- 6s using 5 inch props up to 1750 KV 
Any modification/alteration of the above setting will deem a product non-warranty. 
With any HOBBYWING product, if you have experienced and usage issues, please contact our service department directly. For customers in North America, visit - under Support to complete the form.
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JLog Integration with HOBBYWING Platinum V4 ESC

on August 22, 2016

As a third-party tool, JLog helps bridge the communication between the ESC and transmitter. It can transmit various running data of an ESC to a transmitter in real time. In addition, its data-logging capability can store critical data from each flight to its SD card and allow users to read and analyze those data on PCs via an APP called log-view.

The successful "marriage" between Hobbywing Platinum V4 ESCs and JLog allows users to check various running data of ESCs (on transmitters) and guarantee the flight safety. With the data-logging function, users can analyze those data after flight and get more effective information for the safety of next flight.
The following image shows how to connect a Platinum V4 to a JLog.

various running data of an ESC displayed on a transmitter via JLog in real time (as shown below). All the transmitters shown in the following picture are compatible with JLog.

the data record read via logview.

HOBBYWING will continue to develop and manufacture powerful RC-related power systems and provide customers with more convenience and guarantees. For more information, please check out our

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USB Link Software update 4.0.2

on August 16, 2016
USB Software VERSION 4.0.2

What's new in the new release?

For Xerun & Ezrun Max ESC
  • HOBBYWING WiFi Module & WiFi Link software compatible
  • “Softening Value” & “Softening Range” two programmable items are added, for XeRun XR10 PRO ESCs
  • Improved performance and energy efficiency between ESC and HOBBYWING brushless motor
  • Improved "COAST" feature via XR8 PLUS ESC
  • LVC accuracy and overall ESC protection feature
  • fixed known bugs 
For Platinum ESC
  • Supports TXE-K. data transmission, for PLATINUM HV V4 ESCs.
  • Supports Jlog data transmission, for PLATINUM V4 ESC 
  • Fixed known bugs
For LCD Program Box
  • New firmware "PB-3.2.30" supports XERUN XR10 PRO ESCs to have more programmable items.