HOBBYWING Brushless Technology

XR8 PRO ESC Series

Full-Sensored Mode Supported

The XR8 Pro G2 ESC is designed to work in full-sensored mode at all times
when it is paired with a compatible HOBBYWING motor. For example,
G3 series 1/8th motors.


Advanced Boost & Turbo Timing Technology

This ESC paired with a compatible HOBBYWING motor can use the Turbo Timing technology which was  designed for the successful XR10 Pro series ESC used in 1/10th On-Road and Off-Road competition.
This ESC can support up to 48 degrees of Boost and Turbo Timing when paired with the new HOBBYWING  4268/4274 G3 motors with an increase of 50% more performance than the previous G2 series motor  keeping you way ahead of the competition.


Battery-Reverse Polarity Protection

The XR8 Pro G2 ESC is designed with Built-in Reverse Voltage Protection
Circuit. The circuit protects the ESC components from the reverse polarity of the battery connections.

Wireless Programming / Upgrading /
Data Logging

With HOBBYWING OTA programmer and a smartphone (with the
HOBBYWING HW Link V2 App installed), the user can program parameters,
upgrade firmware and check relevant data of the ESC.


Real-Time Data Logging

With HOBBYWING OTA programmer, connect the HW Link
V2 App to the ESC and open the real-time data logging
function, to check the Throttle, Voltage, Current,
Temperature, RPM, and other data in real-time
operational status of the ESC and motor.
Note: Due to the range limit of Bluetooth,
the operational distance is only about 5 meters.


Fire-new Communication Protocol Speeds Up
Parameter Setting and Firmware Upgrading

The ESC adopts fire-new communication protocol which greatly improves the speed of setting parameters and upgrading firmware. The data transmission speed is increased by 2 times when  being paired with the LCD G2 Program Box and 3-4 times faster when paired with the OTA Programmer.

Note: for the previous version of LCD Program Box and WiFi Express Module, the data transmission speed remains the same as before. 


XERUN 4274 SD G3 Motor 2250kv $164.99 USD $212.00 USD
OTA Programmer $62.99 USD $82.00 USD