XR8 Plus G2S Combo (2-6s)


Combo Type: OffRoad A (Xerun 4268 SD G3 1900KV)

MAP $349.99  | MSRP $495

Xerun XR8 Plus G2s Combo (2S-6S) Make your 1/8th scale run like a 1/10th scale vehicle

What's in the box? 
  • 1x XR8 Plus G2s ESC
  • 1x Xerun 1/8th G3 Brushless Motor 
Combo Types
p/n XR8 PRO Combo 1/8th Lipo Motor
38020500 Combo 4268 A OffRoad 2-6S Xerun 4268 SD G3 1900kv
38020501 Combo 4268 B OffRoad 2-6S Xerun 4268 SD G3 2200kv
38020502 Combo 4268 A OnRoad 2-6S Xerun 4268 SD G3 2000kv
38020503 Combo 4268 B OnRoad 2-4S Xerun 4268 SD G3 2800kv
38020504 Combo 4274 C OffRoad 2-6s Xerun 4274 SD G3 2250kv

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