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2015 ROAR On road nationals - Another win for Paul Lemieux

The 2015 Roar Carpet nationals were held last weekend in Horsham PA, Horsham RC is one of the top permanent carpet facilities in the nation.   The track layout was fast, flowing and made for some great racing over the course of the four day event which would ultimately decide the North American carpet champions!

In the coveted Mod TC Division it was none other than HOBBYWINGs own Paul Lemieux who tuned his way to victory using his HOBBYWING V3.1 speed control paired with other Hobbywing products and accessories

Thanks to Paul and all the drivers in attendance!!

Paul Lemieux - HOBBYWING National team driver
Most often copied, Never duplicated




Mod TC
1 Paul Lemieux 
2 Kevin Hebert
3 Andrew Hardman
4 Rick Howart
5 Andrew Ellis   
6 Ralph Burch    
7 Mike Haynes
8 William Jossens
9 Darren Shank   
10 Dan Cook


17.5 12th scale
1 Craig Xavier       
2 Joe Trandell
3 Andrew Mowery
4 Sal Amato
5 Dana Bailes
6 Shawn Rayfield
7 Phil (Saucy)Trotta
8 Scott Jakes
9 Ralph Morella
10 Mike Wise


13.5 TC
1 Mike Gee 
2 Robbie Dodge     
3 Andrew Ellis       
4 Mike Hanulec
5 Ray Darroch
6 Larry Fairtrace
7 Mike Haynes
8 Eric Anderson   
9 EJ Evans
10 Danny Jenkins   

17.5 TC 
1 Mike Gee
2 Robbie Dodge 
3Craig Xavier      
4 Mike Hanulec
5 Bill Sydor
6 Eric Anderson 
7 Danny Jenkins 
8 Karl Hoffmeister
9 Larry Fairtrace
10 Jeff Cuffs


World GT
1 Phil (Saucy) Tratta
2 Scott Jakes
3 Andrew Nicholas
4 John Cravotta
5 Al Sodano
6 Karl Hoffmeister
7 Sean Bushnell

13.5 12th scale
1 Joe Trandell
2 Mike Gee
3 Larry Fairtrace
4 Ray Darroch
5 Eric Anderson  
6 EJ Evans
7 Andrew Ellis    
8 Dana Bailes
9 Ralph Morella
10 Mike Hanulec


MOD 12th scale
1 Kevin Hebert
2Mike Haynes
3 Rick Howart
4 Ray Darroch
5 Dave Arnold
6 Dan Cook