1S DC-DC Booster 1S DC-DC Booster for Xerun 1S ESC

Ball Bearing/

Endbell Set
Xerun 1/8 scale Motors

Xerun & Ezrun 36xx/42xx Motors

For 540 Motor

Endbell set for Xerun V10 Motors G3 / G3R / G4

BEC / UBEC UBEC 3A (2S-6S Lipo Input)

UBEC 5A Air (2S-8S)

UBEC 10A (Extra large 2S-6S)

UBEC 10A HV (3S-14S)

Capacitors Supercapacitors for cars & trucks

Non-Polarity Capacitors Reverse Polarity protection + Capacitor
Cooling Fan See Cooling Fan Schedule 

ESC Casing Aluminum or plastic casing set

ESC Mounting Plate Universal HOBBYWING ESC Mounting Plate

Hall Sensor Cable 80mm, 120mm, 200mm, 300mm, 400mm

Hall Sensor Module  Endbell set with Hall Sensor Module for Xerun V10-G3 / G3R

Hall Sensor Convertor Sensor Convertor Cable for JST port
Heat Sink Combo C1, C4

Hub for Throttle Calibration For simultaneously calibrate the throttle range of ESCs on a multi-rotor

LCD Program Box for Professional use Xerun, Ezrun Max, Platinum, Seaking PRO

LED Program Card for Standard use Ezrun, Quicrun, Flyfun, Platinum, Seaking

OTA Programmer  Over-The-Air Programer
Power Switch

Power Switch for ESC 

Rotor for Brushless motor Xerun (V10 G3/G3R Rotor / 3650 Rotor / D10 Drift

Rotor Replacement Tool Rotor Replacement Tool for HOBBYWING brushless motor

Pinion Gear Pinion Gears for Xerun Motor

Shaft for 3656 motor Increase the Shaft Diameter to Φ5 from Φ3

Signal wires Xrotor FPV 45A, FC F2

Motor Wire Motor Wire Sets
AXE Extended Wire Set Sensor wire and motor wires for AXE System

Wire connectors 14 Charging Harnesses for Balance Charger


Accessories for Aircraft
UBEC collections  UBEC 3A (2S-6S Lipo Input)
UBEC 5A -HV ( High Voltage)
UBEC 8A (Large Current BEC)
UBEC 10A (Super Large Current BEC)
Professional LCD Program Box for Professional  For Platinum ESC
LED Program Card for Flyfun & Skywalker Series For Flyfun & Skywalker
Lipo battery Protector Lipo Battery Protector
RPM Sensor RPM sensor for High voltage ESC
RPM & Telemetry Signal Coupler Module (SCM)

RPM & Telemetry Signal Coupler Module (SCM)
1S DC-DC Booster 1S DC-DC Booster
Xrotor Pro X8  Propellers + parts 3090 Propeller & Propeller Adapter
XRotor PRO  One Piece Brushless Water Pump
XRotor Signal Cables 45A G2

XRotor Cable and RaceFlight Cable
FPV Capacitors 35V560uF / 35v1000uF