RPM & Telemetry Signal Coupler Module (SCM)


MAP $10.99 | MSRP $13.00


The RPM & Telemetry Signal Coupler Module, or SCM for short, solves the issues like “RPM signal from ESC cannot be correctly recognized by flybarless device”, “the GND level of Telemetry signal from ESC doesn't match the GND level of flybarless device” and “the GND level of Telemetry signals are interfered by clutter" that some Platinum V4 ESC(s) may encounter when connecting the ESC to a receiver or flybarless device (like the MSH’s Brain series FBL). The SCM is a general product which is not only applicable for Hobbywing ESC(s), but also for ESC(s) of other brands.

  • Size:45.4x11.6x7.7mm(LxWxH)
  • Weight:2.1g
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