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Carter Reichardt @HOBBYWING Pilot program

 “Hobbywing ESCs provide a unique combination of simplicity of use, value, and reliability that sets them apart from other products. I fly really hard and have never had an issue of any kind since going to Hobbywing ESCs. They just work. And work well.” 

                      -   Carter Reichardt, SPP

 Carter Reichardt lives in Round Rock, Texas, a suburb of Austin. He is currently a high school student with a variety of interests from sports to technology. He has been flying RC helicopters for about four years. His father Rod introduced him to the helicopter side of the hobby at the age of twelve. Prior to that he had tried RC cars but his interest in the hobby really “took off” after trying RC helicopters. Carter’s father supports him by doing much of the building and set up of Carter’s helicopters. Together they attend many events in and around Central Texas along with larger events such as IRCHA and the Orlando Helicopter Blowout. They have enjoyed meeting people from all over the world who share a passion for this amazing hobby. Carter is focused on improving his flying every time he goes to the field and hopes to compete some day at XFC and in international competitions.

 HOBBYWING Pilot : Carter Reichardt, SPP

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