HOBBYWING Xerun V10 G3 Motor

on February 19, 2018
Available now

Hobbywing V3 Available for ALL 3 Colors!- BUY NOW!

By FalconSEKIDO Team
on May 04, 2012


Now available in 3 colors

Black, Blue, and RED!

Brand New Design of Xerun 120A V3 Sensored Brushless ESC is ONLY available through Hobbywing Authorized Agent in North America, FalconSEKIDO Dealership network. or FalconSEKIDO.com.  FalconSEKIDO Dealership Program is available from April 2012. Please contact at Sales@falconsekido.com for the registration application.

**  FalconSEKIDO warrants that the Product (“Product”) will be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use (“Defects”) for a period of ninty (90) days from the date that the Product was first purchased by you (“Warranty Period”). During the Warranty Period the Product will be repaired or replaced at FalconSEKIDO’ choice (“Limited Warranty”) without charge for either parts or labor. Further information about Hobbywing Manufacture Warranty, please contact at info@falconsekido.com.
*** All of Hobbywing Products purchased through FalconSEKIDO Dealership Program have a label of  "Anti-counterfeit Code". This code is to ensure your product is genuine and performed with original intend. You can check your product through our Hobbywing Head office Website. www.Hobbywing.com

Press Release 03.23

By FalconSEKIDO Team
on March 25, 2012

 FalconSEKIDO is please to announce that we will be the FIRST & ONLY one to distribute the awaiting new Hobbywing products in Early April 2012.  The new products will include Xerun ESC V3, Flyfun ESC Waterproof, etc.  Please check back our site often or send us an email if you want to be the first to know!  sales@falconsekido.com