The reason why we work hard.

As hard as we struggle daily, there are always reasons, perhaps, the only reason why we work so hard at HWNA | FalconSEKIDO.

We received this email from C.C.  We first could not find any problem according to his original message internally, so we asked our Sr.SPD Paul Rush for help.  He immediately responded and contacted the customer.   Here is the result...

To whom it may concern:
Thank you for the prompt response to dealing with my issues. I can't begin to tell you what a tremendous help Mr. Paul Rush was helping with trouble shooting. He literally took hours of his time to assist me with getting this truck running. It ended up being a bad receiver and not your product. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused your staff. I have heard nothing but good things about your products so I shouldn't have jumped to conclusions. I am currently working on another project car and will definitely consider purchasing another Hobbywing Combo kit. 
Again, Paul thank you for all of your help. It takes a good person to work with a total stranger on the phone until 11:00pm on a Friday night. I am in your debt who knows maybe someday I can do something to help you out.
The problem was not the actual problem in the end.  The problem was the sign of an opportunity to get to know who we were. 

Today, I learned another great things about Paul.  He truly made my day.  That's the reason why I come to office every day. 

Thank you everyone for the incredible support!


On behalf of HOBBYWING North America
Innovation Powered by Passion 

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